Weekly Classes

The Summer schedule begins June 30th. Watch for details coming soon. Regular weekly classes are offered virtually as a drop in or as part of an autorenew membership. Atleast 3 of 4 classes a month are live, occasionally 1 class will be pre-recorded and delivered to your email prior our regular to practice time. Details for virtual practice support and playlist link can be found here

Monthly Goodnight Yin with Hot Stones is offered virtually and in person. Please reserve your in person spot in advance. Restore may be offered hybird. Check the offering for details.

Yin Yoga – Thursdays 6:30-7:45pm

Virtual $15 Yin Yoga is a slow-paced practice with poses held for time (3-8 min) to allow tension to release to effect fascia, joints & muscle. The use of supports and props is encouraged to support release and relaxation. In this class, students are invited to take a mindful and exploratory approach to finding the depth of practice (the edge) their body needs to open tight spaces, improve mobility & flexibility, unwind tense energy & relax the spirit. Pre-registration is offered monthly in 4 week sessions or as a 1 class Livestream drop in.

Looking for Goodnight Yin with Hot Stones? Click Here

Embodied Hatha Flow – Virtual Mondays 6:30pm-7:30pm

Virtual $15 Begins with an opportunity to ground and connect with your body & mind. Through slower movements, tied to breath we building strength and balance. Learn to feel your way through your body & create tools to take off your mat into every day life, where you need them most. Closing with yin poses to release the body & sink into a meditative savasana. This is always an all levels practice. Pre-registration is offered monthly in 4 week sessions via Livestream or as a 1 class Livestream drop in.

Restore – Last Tuesday of each month

Hybrid $15 ~ 6:30pm-7:30 pm Register per session or included as part of an autorenew membership. We often continue to feel tired or exhausted because we may be resting by aren’t tapping into restoring or filling our cup. This is a 60 min practice of intentional breath & relaxation to restore your body, brain & energy. Classes may include a combination of gentle movement or restorative yoga, breathwork, guided meditation/savasana and yoga nidra integrating seasonal, lunar and manifestation practices. Interested in this class being in person? Send a message