These special offerings are in addition to my regular weekly schedule. Practices maybe virtual or in person. If you’re uncertain or have questions I’m happy to connect with you by email.

Restore – Last Tuesday of each month

Virtual $15 ~ 6:30pm-7:30pm : Our May Restore session is called The Blooming Heart.  It is a combination of a visualization of a spring meadow and an adaptation of Deepak Chopra’s 7 step Meditation to Open the Heart.   This will be a beautiful space to focus your mind and heart energy as we embrace and welcome the summer season. This is 60 min practice will restore your body, brain & your energy.

Register per session or included as part of an autorenew membership. We often continue to feel tired or exhausted because we may be resting but aren’t tapping into restoring or filling our cup. This is a 60 min practice of intentional breath & relaxation to restore your body, brain & energy. Classes may include a combination of gentle movement or restorative yoga, breathwork, guided meditation and yoga nidra integrating seasonal, lunar and manifestation practices.


Unlimited practice access when it works for you & in the style your body needs. Access to over 280 full length classes, recorded live over Zoom and in studio. Styles include Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Meditation & Yoga Nidra.  New classes added at the beginning of each month to refresh your inspiration. *Does not include access to weekly live classes or access to current month’s class recordings. Check our monthly sessions or weekly drop ins for live virtual practice.

Midsummer’s Night Yin with Hot Stones

Goodnight Yin with Hot Stones – On Hiatus until Fall 2023

Hot Stone Restorative Bliss – Private Sessions

Hot Stone Restorative Yoga places the body in restful, long held postures supported with bolsters, blocks & blankets inviting the mind to slow down & the body to relax. Heated basalt stones are placed gently on the body to allow the warmth to penetrate muscles, melting away layers of physical & emotional tension. Soft music, candlelight & aromatherapy complete the experience leaving you relaxed, calm & grounded. 90 min .

Private sessions can include 1-4 individuals. Date of the session is to be determined. Availability begins January 21st. $160 per session (max 4 ppl)